Welcome To Twin Dental

Our goal is to provide patient care. You are our first priority. We want each visit you have with us to be efficient, comfortable, and as effective as we can make it. We can adopt new technology, techniques, add new comforts, and introduce new restorative materials, but there is one crucial thing that must be perfect- our practice team.

We refuse to compromise  your care- our team is your front line.

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Dr-Wong-&-Dr-BrisbaneEvery dental practice is first and foremost a business. We operate under a strict set of guidelines as a General Practice clinic, and this is to protect all patients as well as our team members. Our large team consists of 2 dentists, 2 hygienists, and an enthusiastic group of registered dental assistants plus front office reception and administration team members. As we work 6 days most weeks, we do stagger our team production to cover our patients’ needs Monday through Saturday.

Both of our dentists were educated right here at the U of A. As new techniques and procedures become the Standard of Care in dentistry today – you can count on us to meet your dental needs.

Dentistry should not be a ‘technology contest’, so there will be varying levels of equipment from office to office. We do test all existing technology as it becomes mainstream in dentistry, and as much as we embrace some of it our doctors also decide that other tools are not yet appropriate for our dental practice.

Some of the same families have been visiting our office for 40 years now, and we are very proud of that fact. We encourage them to keep on returning, and we encourage you to make your first appointment if you are in the market for a new dental practice!

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  • drWong

    Dr Brian Wong was born and  raised in Edmonton. He graduated from University of Alberta a decade ago with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. .

    He enjoys sharing a practice with Dr Brisbane.  Some of the dental procedures he likes best   include; dental implants and root canals at the general dental level.

    Outside of the office Dr Wong is a cyclist enthusiast, you may see him in the Edmonton River Valley area when he is not hanging out with his 3 sons.

  • Dr-Brisbane

    Dr Richard Brisbane

    I am enjoying myself in the later years of my practice. I feel very thankful to all the people who came and made up my dental practice over the 42 years. Dental patients and staff have made my life very comfortable. I would like to thank each and every one of you.
    I have a model railroad I am building with my grandchildren. It’s a good pastime for grandpa. I do wood working projects for those that need such a service. Woodworking is all about the enjoyment of working with wood, certainly my projects. I enjoy the horses and the trail riding with my wife Theresa. Possibly this summer we will get away a few weekends to ride in the mountains.
    I still enjoy dentistry very much, having Dr. Wong around is comforting as he can handle almost anything and what he can’t, he will refer out.