Choosing Your Dentist

3 things you should demand from us or any other Dentist

The first question you must be satisfied with is the level of expertise of your dentist.

What we can say is that once one has graduated from dental school, you actually have a ‘license to learn’. This means that all the experience in patient’s mouths, continuing education, and personal skills and preferences provides a dentist with a ‘tool kit’ that should be ideally suited to your needs.

Secondly, how many cases has the dentist completed similar to yours?

Do they complete all the work “in-house” and if not why?, the “why” is critical. It may be that your very best interests are served by a general dentist acting as your “general contractor”, who is able to help choose the very best person for your situation to complete a specific task. The average person doesn’t have the information to make this decision in most cases. A general dentist who chooses to “try” everything in his chair may not be making the most prudent patient care decision for you, the patient!

Thirdly, all patients deserve an individual treatment plan.

At Twin Dental Clinic we prefer to provide a written treatment plan for each patient. “Twin Dental” is the home of clear concise treatment information and we’re not the least bit reluctant to provide you with that. By providing a clearly defined treatment plan this gives you the option to go away to think about it, we believe you will return if we appear to be your most logical dental practice choice!

Lastly – the cost this is an issue nobody likes to talk about!

A dental practice should provide you with all the information you could possibly want. There is no sense in low-balling a price to you and having you discover the “finished” price that includes all the restoration is much higher than you budgeted for.

Dental care can be within the reach of just about anyone these days.