Dental Fear

In dentistry we call it “dental-phobia”.
Unfortunately, millions of people are afflicted with this serious fear of the dental chair.

Much has changed over the past few decades, but at Twin Dental Clinic located in Old Strathcona, Edmonton we see patients who have been avoiding dental care for a very long time, because of some trauma that occurred many years ago.

By the time they get the courage to actually visit a dentist, the damage may be so severe that extractions are the only choice.

Science has brought us many new tools to use, and if you talk to anyone younger than 30, they usually can’t understand why anyone would be afraid of the dentist.

But talk to some of the Baby Boomers we have seen with major problems, and it’s a different story. Dental problems never get better by avoidance.

At Twin Dental Clinic in Edmonton we promise to look at your mouth and promise to explain all viable options. We promise to make any treatment as comfortable as we possibly can for you.

The last thing we want to see is a patient with a look of fear or sheer terror on their face.

Please see us at Twin Dental Clinic in Old Strathcona, Edmonton to have every “dental comfort” option explained to you in advance, so you need not avoid any dental treatment, due to “dental-phobia!”