General Dentistry

Virtually all patients who enter our dental clinic in Edmonton are seeking what we term ‘general dentistry’. A full 44% are seeking a checkup, cleaning, and X-Rays to maintain good dental health. An additional 45% of patients are seeking remedies for a specific problem, be it a chipped tooth, missing filling, or toothache. Only 3% of patients are specifically looking for esthetics, so as a general dentist practice in Edmonton we cover most bases.

Our goal is great oral health for all our patients. This means healthy gums, healthy teeth, up to date hygiene visits, and  restorative work when necessary. Mother Nature takes a toll on our entire body, so do not expect your teeth to be exempt. People live much longer lives than a generation ago, and unfortunately teeth wear out.

The care and attention we give them all our life increases our options when the inevitable problems arise. If they are part of our scope of work (and in the vast majority of time they are) we will handle your case right here in the Twin Dental Clinic in Old Strathcona, Edmonton.

If Dentist Dr. Brian Wong determines that some specialized procedure is in your best interest – rest assured that he has specialists at his disposal to perform specific dental procedures. Our patients are always our priority – and one that we take very seriously. General practice dentists are termed the ‘general contractor’ of your mouth for a very good reason. Our coordination of all treatment will allow you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible!