Perio Programs

Dentistry consists of a series of both small and large cases. They all have something in common. Periodontal disease (commonly known as gum disease) always started out small, and given enough time will graduate to some significant issues – oral health and otherwise.

We place a great amount of attention on good looking healthy teeth – usually the whiter the better. What we don’t see is the support system for these same teeth. As we age, we are subject to both bone and tissue loss. This is why we measure the ‘pockets’ around your teeth to gauge the depth and severity of this recession. Tooth brush trauma can contribute to the problem, and swollen gingival (pink tissue between teeth) can become dark red and result in frequent bleeding.

Age causes periodontal problems that are reversible. This procedure is frequently a prerequisite to other restorative dental treatment. Bleeding gums are an early warning sign – there is nothing whatsoever normal about them. If you haven’t had the opportunity to keep current with your gum care – please ask Dentist Dr. Brian Wong or his hygienist at Twin Dental Clinic in Edmonton about our stepped periodontal program.

Your teeth will be the first to thank you!