Oral Sedation

Did you know that almost one third of all adults have a deep seated fear of the dentist? This is a hidden, deep-seated, and frequently very strong feeling frequently termed ‘dental phobia’. It is not unusual to encounter patients who had unpleasant experience decades earlier that have literally prevented them from visiting any dentist.

When they turn up in the hospital emergency ward they refer them general dental practices, and we hear all the ‘horrors’. Unfortunately, this anxiety has by this time left dental decay an opportunity to ruin otherwise healthy teeth. It is not enough to simply dismiss this anxiety, and oral sedation dentistry allows our patients to enter a relaxed state that lets our doctors do their job. The process is effective, safe, and provides a comfort level most patients never expected.

Do not be embarrassed to admit you are apprehensive about the dentist, because he or she is going to know first hand the moment you sit in the chair. We would rather work with a relaxed patient because it allows us to complete much more treatment in a shorter period of time. The stress level is reduced for everyone in the room.

Science has come a very long way in several decades. Sedation has come equally as far. We have many methods of treating dental problems that didn’t exist even a decade ago. Patients tell us some are virtually pain free, and others minimize any discomfort.

Ask any member of Dr. Brian Wong’s capable team at Twin Dental Clinic in Edmonton about any concerns you may have regarding dental discomfort and how sedation may be for you.

You will be glad you did!