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At Twin Dental, we have one thing on our minds – optimal patient care. YOU are our first priority.

When the merger of our offices (Dr. Brisbane and Dr. Wong’s) was on the go, our goal was to work with minimal disruption in patient care. Your patience and feedback has been extremely rewarding – thank you! All of our patients are pleased, having the clarity of one office location to come to. Our patients and staff are now one big happy family!

We want to ensure that each visit you have with us is efficient, comfortable, and as effective as we can make it. We can adopt new technology, techniques, add new comforts, and introduce new restorative materials, but there is one crucial thing that must always be perfect – our practice team.

We refuse to compromise on your care – our team is your front line. Moving forward, we promise to only employ those who are committed to your ultimate well-being. For this we rely heavily on our Office Manager – Donna. She relays the vision of our practice and effectively handles the day-to-day operations, allowing our doctors to focus on patient care. A leader for the entire team, Donna ensures everything runs smoothly. Say hello when you see her!